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So.Go and its mission is an outgrowth from the desire of its founders to see genius & purpose  discovered and unleashed in the lives & organizations of others. 

Our work in the space of education came from the realization that the value we shared could have its greatest impact servicing our youth and those who educate them.  We discovered that the earlier certain competencies/skills, exposure and resources are provided in an equitable fashion the rate of success skyrockets.


 Meaning that our youth are uniquely created with talents, gifts and abilities that if cultivated can become ingredients to future solutions for our world’s problems.  We encourage them to see their future with hope and purpose by striving to educate and inspire them on that journey.  


Likewise we see the need to invest that same energy and value into those who  are responsible for education them.  We are excited to help with systemic transformation, improved equity and raising the models of possibility in the realm of education.


Our Educational Services & Programs are custom designed as a result.








Go Genius 


So.Go Genius is everything Entrepreneurship infused with PURPOSE Exploration. . . creates experiences to recognize the uniqueness we all possess . . . while responding to  challenges, dilemmas and opportunities with a perspective of hope and optimism . . . through entrepreneurial pursuits.  

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Go In


Optimizing your organizational values so that it permeates the way work is Exploring leadership through the idea of Influence. Its contagious!


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Go Hi - EI


Exploring social emotional learning / emotional intelligence, self awareness / social awareness / emotional management.  Improving conflict resolution, addressing bullying, social media use.  Introducing and developing related skills and competencies.


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Equity Work and Development 


Exploring cultural differences and similarities.  Developing skills and awareness to exist, celebrate and thrive together.


While intentionally including a diverse perspective in teachiing materials,, i.e.- social studiles and history materials.


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