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So.Go Exists to ...

"Co-create solutions, that go genius on your biggest

Strategic, Organizational & Educational challenges!"  


We come alongside organizations, educators & entrepreneurs to help create genius strategies, organizational design, training, curriculum programs & experiences.  

We see our consulting as an opportunity to maximize your genius.  That is your organizations, school district or businesses unique value, housed in the people, product, service & mission.  

That genius is also your entrepreneurial passion, purpose or lifework + your special skills, talents and creativity.

As a team of qualified, experienced, value driven professionals . . .


Our team has been around the business block a few times and have chosen this model.  

A reflection of So.Go becoming more intentional about all the ways we can serve our clients better.  

     For us, we don't see the need for unecessary extras.   Often used to overcompensate for the lack of real value delivered to clients.  So you are not left paying extra for our extra office space, administrative staff, call center etc., the normal image builders for some top tier consulting firms! If you invest in consulting service, it should be in exchange for elite objective expertise.

As a result our fee's are simple, driven by your needs.   Based on the value we provide each project.  Delivering measurable results, without the fluff, with no hourly meter running.







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